One for the Ages: A Sighting in the Streets of Sarajevo

Yesterday, my friend and I were walking on Maršala Tita in Sarajevo when suddenly two men passed us. They were identical twins, perhaps in their late fifties, wearing matching Navy hats, striped sweaters, and black jackets. They were both missing a few teeth,  and they were so similar it looked as though they ate the exact same diet, smoked the exact same amount of cigarettes, and exposed their skin to the exact same amount of sun damage. It felt staged, as if these men were manufactured by some unsettling facility. These people couldn’t be real; they had to be a visual manipulation, purposefully planted to add some psychological toll to our non-Balkan minds. My friend and I were both beyond words, shocked and confused by this once-in-a-lifetime apparition. We did not get a photo, but I drew a rendition from memory: